Crystal Lee – Photography Red Deer – Children – #NONAP session

As a photographer and a mom to 4 kiddos, 2 who are 10.5 months apart. I often find that I “neglect” my own kids when it comes to photos lol. Other photog moms hear me RIGHT? lol

Our littlest guy Jaxton turned 3 this past May and he graduated to a new big boy bed. I had this vision of him wearing this adorable little #NONAPS shirt for a few photos to display in his room. Why because the shirt was just so funny and ironic, toddlers would prefer anything over a nap lol. I finally forced myself to take him out and get this session done before he outgrew the shirt. So we had a beautiful fall day at the beginning of September and we snuck out for a quick little session just the two of us.

Having 4 kids it isn’t often that I get to spend one on one with them, so it was really nice to just give him my undivided attention and to soak in all the amazingness that he is. He was so excited to run up and down the path and to show me his jumps. He would squeal with delight everytime a duck flew overhead, and he was super curious about the muskrat he saw swimming in the pond. It was a glorious 30 minutes. Just me and my littlest boy on an adventure. I ADORE these shots, this is him to a T. He isn’t one to be posed lol, but he is perfect the way he is.


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