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red deer photographer Crystal Lee

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First of all, thank you for stopping by, I hope we have the opportunity to work together someday.

Here is a little about me and what I do 🙂

I am a mother…. so I totally can relate to how it is so important to capture our littles the way they are right NOW in this moment. We all hear “it goes by so fast, treasure every moment”. Those words do not make an ounce of sense! Not until we become mothers for the first time. Those first days pass and we don’t even realize it, between feedings, diapers, and trying to get any sleep they slip by so quick! How can a week have passed already, between trying to balance your new “normal” with mountains of laundry and piles of dishes let alone taking a moment to shower lol? Time does not stop so we can catch our breath. Before you know it your new baby is a month, two months, three months old.

That first photoshoot you booked is now priceless to you and your family. As much as we try to hold onto those first precious days with our new bundles time slips past, leaving all the little details behind. Like how he had the most wrinkly little feet, or she had that perfectly placed milk blister on her top lip. The soft peach fuzz that adorned the tops of her ears and that perfectly placed swirl of black hair on the crown of his head. Those squishy little toes and cheeks could not possibly be any fuller. These moments have now been captured for you to remember every perfect little detail. I give time back to my clients, a way to hold onto and cherish all the things that made your new baby so perfect and fresh.

Each milestone is more magical than the last. I love to document the wonder that is inside each child. Whether I am capturing your little one as they learn to sit all by themselves, or to capture the time when all they did was stick their tongue out in every frame. I am here to capture those moments when they can finally crawl and the look of satisfaction on their squishy little face when they stand their first time. To the squeals of delight as they run out of the frame into your arms, so proud of the fact that they can walk. I am here to help celebrate the moment they turn one and capture them as they look at their cake in awe. Fingers squishing the icing and tasting it for the first time and the look of pure joy when they realize that yes the WHOLE cake is theirs.

As a mother to four littles myself trust me I get it, my two older children did not have the convenience of having a photographer as a mom when they were young. I have documented them as much as I can since I began my photography journey in 2010. My two littlest have had me over their shoulder since they arrived. I get IT, it does go by WAY too fast. I cannot believe that each day they change so much, they get more and more independent every single day. I treasure the images I have created, they hang proudly on my walls. My home is a shrine to my little muses, any client of mine can attest to my photo walls lol 🙂

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Here is my life in images

{Photos were taken by Myself and my talented colleague Bree Friesen}

red deer photographer crystal lee