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I love my job, let me say it again,


There is nothing more magical than a brand new life, the endless possibilities, with so much hope and potential in such a tiny being. Every single baby I have had in front of my lens has imprinted on my heart forever. And I have made some amazing relationships with some amazing people. I have been there as they welcomed their first baby into their lives. Documented first steps, first words, becoming big brothers and big sisters and everything in between. I wouldn’t trade ANY of it for the world.

In the last 2 years my life has had a LOT of change come to it. We welcomed two brand new little people into our family. I cannot believe that I can say, that we have not one but TWO one year olds (well for the next 10 days that is, until Jaxton turns 2 lol).

So many things have changed for me as a wife, a mother and as a woman. Having all this change and all these amazing things happen in my life has made me gain a better appreciation for my career. Being in the euphoric high of having new babies back to back, has brough me back to how truly incredible this time is for a family. It is pure magic!

Seeing things differently has translated into how I see things through my camera.

I was feeling uninspired with my work, I was stuck in a battle with being consistent and wanting to spread my wings and fly creatively.
So after spening many hours freaking out whether clients will gravitate towards this new vision or run for the hills lol. I have decided to go for it! I have always been the type to jump in head first.

Why stop now?

 Don’g get me wrong It is scary!! As a creative type, your work is an extension of who you are. So putting yourself out there is such a terrifying thought.


I am excited to let my creativity soar. I want to photograph newborns the way I see them. Perfect tiny fingers, squishy little toes. Turned up button noses, peach fuzzy round cheeks, perfectly placed dimples and soft hair swirls. I want to encase them in soft light surrounded by the most amazing natural textures and showcase their beauty in the most pure way I can.  Think along the lines of warm earth tones and rich jewel palettes. Classic neutrals and timeless pieces to adorn your little one.

I want to create! I want to produce images for you that you will cherish not just for the time being BUT for ALL TIME. I want these images to be brought out on special occassions to remember this magical time, I want you to look back and remember how tiny and how fresh your baby was once upon a time. I want you to relive those first magical days and I want you to FEEL a connection to what I create for you.

I want your baby to be the focus of your session, I don’t want him or her to compete with complex setups and multitudes of props and colors. I want the images to be classic, timeless, and most importantly I want my work to be authentic.

So without further ado here is a little taste of my vision. Soft lighting, moody shadows, tonnes of textures, rich earth tones, classic props and beautiful babies.

So what do you think? Let me hear your thoughts?

Feel free to comment 🙂

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