I’m Back

I’m back!!! It feels like FOREVER since I have done anything CLP related lol. I have been savouring every precious moment with our new little one and with the rest of my family.

It has been a blessed couple of years, we had forgotten how fun it is to have babies in the house. Seeing all our children settle into our new “normal” has been truly magical. Our oldest Abby of course took to the role of big sister like a pro, and has been the biggest help when it comes to the babies. Ryker who was our baby not too long ago is loving and I mean loving his promotion to big brother. He adores his babies and gets so emotional when ever they reach new milestones. I tell you that boy is going to be a heart breaker when he is older. He is such a loving and sensitive soul.

Jaxton has really responded to being a big brother which is so crazy for me to even say lol, he is the tiniest most mischievous baby you will ever meet. He is constantly pushing the boundaries and I swear he learns a new skill every day. He has been determined to grow up and keep up with his older brother and sister and he has not slowed down for a moment.

Lilou is so precious I cannot even begin to describe what joy she brings to our lives. She has a smile that radiates, no word of a lie when she smiles her entire face smiles too. Especially her eyes they turn into little crescent moons, which has led to her nickname moon eyes. She is a doll. Took us awhile to find a formula that her sensitive tummy could handle and with many nights googling and stalking mommy pages we have finally come up with a feeding solution that she is now thriving on.

It has been so insanely crazy busy, but the best sort of busy I could ever imagine. Now that summer holidays are upon we are enjoying time together. We plan on doing a lot of boating (if mother nature would get the memo that summer is here lol) and we hope to do some camping. Though to be honest camping is scaring the crap outta me, we attempted one camping trip last year when Jackie was born and we had to make THREE separate trips back to the house  because we forgot something. I was a bit out of practice lol. This time I hope to be better prepared so we can just enjoy our time at the lake. The kids are counting down the days until we go.

I also wanted to share with you all my new BLOG, gone are the days of my website I have now focused entirely on creating this awesome new blog 🙂 Complete with a new look and new feel. I am working hard to keep my business organized and streamlined. I have added a new twist to my blog it is called Crystal Loves…you know when you find something and you just got to share it with anyone and everyone. So this is my way to share things I have come across that I love. Whether it is a cool new prop shop, some new camera gear, new makeup that I love, or awesome new baby products. I wanna share with all of you!!! You can find the first Crystal Loves post HERE

I think it will be fun.

Also if there is anything you guys see out and about and think I should share it here on the blog. Send me a message I love hearing of new amazing things!!!!

I have been working tirelessly to get my new blog up and running so I can start taking BOOKINGS again!!!! Yes you heard right I am now opening my calendar for bookings. I will only be accepting a limited amount of sessions per month. This way I can dedicate to my clients the time, energy and creativity they deserve. I love working with my tiny precious clients, and I cannot wait to get back into the studio and photograph some gorgeous babies!

So take a look around the new blog, tell me what you think and get ready for some sessions to be shared I have a stock pile of sessions waiting to be seen 🙂

Hope to work with some of you in the near future, have a great night.

See you around 🙂

Here is a bit of what I have been up to

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